At Solar Solutions Garden Route, we’ll help you find the right solar system that perfectly meets your residential, business or industrial energy needs. 

Quality Affordable Solar Power Solutions

We do a site inspection at your premises and discuss your power requirements as well as system ideas and the available budget. We will then be able to design a custom system according to the information provided.

Grid Tied Power Systems

The Grid-Tied Power System is the most cost-effective solar PV system on the market. This is because it works with direct current (DC) electricity, which is fed to an inverter that is linked to the electric grid. The inverter then monitors alternating current from the utility grid (mains) and creates DC electricity to match the required inverter capacity. All of this happens automatically so you don’t need batteries or other energy storage devices.

Solar System Installation

Our installations are what we are passionate about doing. If you have already selected a system that you would like to purchase, you will be able to find out how much it would cost to get your system professionally installed in accordance with national regulation.

About us

At Solar Solutions Garden Route, we’ll help you find the right solar system that perfectly meets your residential, business or industrial energy needs. 

Our talented team will build a quality system that is right for your budget and life style. 

Let us show you our innovative approach to design and fitment. And when it comes to customer service ….You won’t find a more committed team.

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Reduce Energy Costs

Solar panels are one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint, but there’s another benefit to solar that you may not have thought about: it reduces your utility bills. Solar panels produce a lot of energy and can offset most or all of your electricity consumption. So if you’re looking for a way to save money on your electric bill, look no further than installing a solar system

TAX Rebates - Sec 12(b)

Company tax in South Africa is 28%. With this incentive you can deduct the value of your new solar power as a depreciation expense from your company’s profit. This mean that your companies income tax liability will be decreased by the same value as the value of the installed solar system. This incentive makes the financial model of a commercial roof-top, gridtied, solar power system looks very attractive. System bought in cash have under 5-year Return-On Investment.

Improve Value of Property

Solar panels add substantial value to your home and can be financed. Homebuyers and evaluators recognize the long life of a solar system, +/ 25 – 30 years and its savings.


Good for The Environment

Solar will help South Africa reduce climate change, due to the burning of fossil fuels to generate electricity. By adding solar power to you property, you can reduce your carbon footprint by 50% and lower your energy bills. Solar is a zero carbon emitter and it improves economic growth by creating green jobs and reducing global warming. Customers, tenants, and prospective employees are increasingly weighing a property owner’s or company’s environmental policy and commitment to sustainability in their decision criteria.